A Season for Doing

November 3rd, 2007

      We awoke before dawn yesterday to a frosty landscape with the temperature right around freezing.  Most of the plants look fine however, the cold wasn’t long enough to really snap them for the season. Never fear, it’s coming!  But it was cold enough for thermals and sweaters, the young one saying “Brrrr!” while waiting for the bus.   I’ve seen the Juncos back from the north this week, darting around the shrubery, hopping in the grass.  They are near where the feeder goes in winter, as if saying, “Hey!  We’re ready for some birdseed!”  

     The weekend promises to be sunny and warm, and I wish I could get outside more this week.  There’s firewood to stack, barn and garage to clean, motors to winterize, hoses and tools to put away- so much more needs accomplished.   Alas I have several papers and projects due for grad school that will take every bit of my attention.  And the cub scouts- I almost forgot.  My writings here on Fox Haven will probably slow a bit more as well, but I feel like I’m wasting the season, arrgh!   Hopefully next weekend I will make an annual pilgrimage to deer camp with some friends to the northern part of the state.  Mostly it’s a bunch of good ‘ole guys sitting around a fire at night, swapping stories of youth and the day’s hunt.  In so many parts of the country this is a season of harvest and friendship.

The good ‘ole man Basset Hound is snuggling for warmth in the plants on a sunny hillside.   

The Basset Hound snuggles in the leaves for warmth on a frosty morning

I found the most delightful surprise in the garden the other day… in our little pot of strawberry plants were two juicy berries ready to eat!  I didn’t know they could grow fruit this long into the fall season…  I ate one, and it was delicious.  After giving one to the young boy, he rode away on his bicycle saying “Ummm… sweet!”

Two juicy little strawberries - a November surprise

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