Cold Weather, Plumbing and Wood Ducks

November 6th, 2007

    The last few days have been gorgeous, but tonight it’s going to be cold!  The temperature is dropping quickly with a blast of Arctic air.  By tomorrow morning we’ll be below freezing, and should see the low 20’s F.   Last week after going around the house to prepare for winter, I remembered a faucet that had a steady drip… you know the kind, where you reeallly crank down hard on the knob but it just won’t shut off?  I was going to replace the inner parts, but decided to upgrade it and call a plumber.  Then after disconnecting the garden hose on the other side of the house, I found that faucet leaking as well!

    So today the plumber came and replaced both with new faucets and inside-the-home shut-off valves.  We haven’t got the bill yet (ugh!) but peace of mind goes a long way.  And none too soon with tonight’s temperatures.  The shut-off valve inside the home for one side is between the water well pump storage tank and the outside faucet.  It was a freeze-proof outdoor faucet, but with a leak it could have frozen, backed up in the home, ruptured the pipe and the well tank would have flooded the basement.  We probably would have done something before then, but  who knows… and now there’s a shut off valve to make it simpler in winter. 

    I wish I knew how to do a lot more with plumbing and electrical stuff.  I’m pretty handy otherwise, but I know my limitations.  We have two more older faucets, and I may get a chance to fix those in a year or two!   Think I’ll learn more about copper pipe and plumbing over the winter… :)  At any rate, it was a beautiful day, but became steadily colder.  It’s time for a good wood fire to warm the house.  The leaves were coming off the trees like crazy today… change comes fast as winter approaches.

Another sign of the cold is the waterfowl moving around early or late in the day.  This group of Wood Ducks stopped by yesterday morning. They are quite wary, and flew off soon after I got their picture from over 200 yards away.

Wood Ducks on the pond in November

2 Responses to “Cold Weather, Plumbing and Wood Ducks”

  1. I have some skills with a hammer and saw, and I’m pretty good with a paint brush. But plumbing is beyond me. And I’m afraid of electricity altogether!

  2. Me too! I always fancied myself a do-it-yourselfer so it’s humbling when I don’t know anything about that stuff. The plumber (who also knew electrical stuff) said it’s nice to know it, but all his relatives and friends expect him to drop everything and head over when they have a problem! Maybe it’s not so bad being a little “unhandy” at times… :)

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