Mallard in the Rain

November 14th, 2007

     We received some much needed rain the past couple of days… perhaps an understatment.  With all the wind and rain, the trees have now shed a majority of their leaves.  The difference between today and a few days ago is amazing.  Also amazing is the temperature… it has been so warm lately that we’ve only worn our coats a handful of times this season.  It helps with the heating bills at least.  Certainly the colder weather is coming, and I welcome that in a strange sort of seasonal embrace.  I think without the different seasons, life would be too much the same for me.  Although I look forward to the opportunity to travel more in the years ahead, somehow I hope to always experience the changing seasons in life.

A lone Mallard drake stopped at the pond during the heaviest of the rain.  He floated this way and that, keeping a wary eye out.  As soon as the rain stopped, he continued on his way.

  Mallard drake hunkers down in the rain

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