Yellow Lab is Growing Up

November 17th, 2007

      The Yellow Lab is now 13 months…. He’s a grown up pup!  Time to stop counting the months.  What a cool dog though- I think everybody should have a some Lab inside… that drooly smile, roll on the ground, tongue hanging out of your month kind of thing?   I like to wrestle with him, but at 90 pounds of pure muscle he’s built like a tank.  He’s been really feeling his “oats” lately as he grows into doggy puberty.  Sneaking around, eating anything that remotely looks edible.  The other day he snuck into the other dogs kennel and ate two bowls of dog food.  I caught him just as he was finishing… he looked at me, licking his lips with a sheepish grin, then laid down on his back with his best “Wanna pet my tummy?!”  routine.  But he loves retrieving…doesn’t matter what or where, he’ll get it.  Soon he’ll have a chance to bring back some real ducks! 

 Yellow Labrador Retriever at 13 months

Don’t you love those mornings when you’re “in the clouds”?  The sun rose through the trees, sending rays of light everywhere.

Morningn sun through the trees

2 Responses to “Yellow Lab is Growing Up”

  1. I prefer slightly smaller dogs. We’ve had Shelties over the years. Smart and affectionate, but somehow aloof and fussy. Nowhere near the unconditional love a Lab can give.

  2. Shelties are really neat- a neighbor had one when I grew up. So beautiful- I would be afraid to take care of their coat. Do they shed much? I’m surprised how much ours does shed. But smaller would be nice- the Lab’s “otter tail” can clear a coffee table in one sweep, and when you least expect it there’s a big nose sniffing your dinner! We may have a smaller one some day, but for now I love to see the young one wrestling with him… :)

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