How Many Leaves Must a Man Watch Fly

November 20th, 2007

    “Before his neck really hurts… Da dah, dah, dah, dah…” Okay, a poor Blowing in the Wind rendition.   But what a change over the past week!  The trees are almost bare, and leaves are blowing off the branches in the wind.  I stood outside as the leaves blew in gusts over my head- it was fun to watch.   Except for the ones that have been filling up the gutters of course.  I’ll need to do some work on the ladder in a couple weeks…  Did you ever try catching the falling leaves?  It’s not very easy!

 Oak tree leaves blowing in the sky

     This past weekend we participated in the Cub Scout Space Derby, after making our “spaceship rocket.”  It was fun to make with the young one… and it went down the wire pretty darn fast each time, going all the way to the end!  It wasn’t really a competition, just fun for the kids to get together.  This was just practice for the Pinewood Derby in a few months… apparently that is serious competition!

Space Rocket for the Cub Scout Space Derby

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