Can I Borrow an Extra Hour or Two?

November 26th, 2007

     A nice weekend and the season marches forward.  I’m a little under the water (not weather!) this week as I work to complete finals, projects, etc. for grad school.   Lots of little things always seem to come up… the dogs got into the trash the other day (all over the driveway), the Lab ate one of my $10 dollar bills laying around (I taped 6 little pieces back together and took it to the bank!), kid’s partys’ coming up at school, a birthday in the family, the car won’t start, etc, etc.  But we have our health, food on the table, and a warm fire!  All I need now is a little more time each day. :)  I wonder- is it just the season and end-of-the-year catching up?  Think I need to register a car, pay taxes, more bills coming due….  next year I swear I’m going to really  get organized.  Oh… that’s coming sooner than I thought- somebody told me Santa’s coming in a few weeks!  

Sparky the cat has been glaring at me recently… I think he’s protesting all the pictures of the Yellow Lab and wants a little more attention!

Sparky the Cat

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