Football Fever in Missouri

November 26th, 2007

     And by the way, lest anyone wonder if I’ve missed anything this week… Nope!  I was riveted to the television the other day as the University of Missouri defeated Kansas University, rising to the number one NCAA college football team in the nation.   It’s been a long time since Mizzou has had such a terrific season, and a chance at a national title.  As a teenager my Dad would take my brother and I to the football games in Columbia.  It was great fun… we’d get a big bucket of fried chicken to snack on during the game and watch them play the Big 12 teams (only then it was the Big 8!).  The Oklahoma rivalry has always been strong.  So this weekend- December 1st, we’ll be watching the Mizzou Tigers play the Oklahoma Sooners for the Big 12 Championship.   ABC has the live telecast beginning at 7 pm Central time. Go Mizzou!

Go Mizzou Tigers in 2007!

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