Waning November Moon

November 26th, 2007

   Out late tonight looking at the moon and the stars… one of the advantages of living in a rural setting with lower light conditions.  The November moon is waning, but very beautiful.  Tonight there was a bright “star” like object very close to the moon, so I went and got the camera and tripod.   I wanted to see what kind of pictures I could take with an average telephoto lens on a simple digital camera.  I tried several settings and got a neat picture of the moon. 

Waning November Moon - 2007

Here’s a bright picture of the moon showing the planet Mars at the right side.  Mars will continue becoming closer to earth, and larger in size through December 18th.  In order to show Mars, the picture of the moon was overexposed.  It was fairly clear just looking at the sky- the shadows of the trees were everywhere… owls hooting, coyotes howling… a moonlit landscape!

It’s pretty amazing that the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is still conducting the Mars Exploration Rover Mission and running the energetic Mars Rovers around that far away planet.  They arrived on Mars in January of 2004, and are still going strong!

November Moon and Mars

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