Raindrops are Falling…

December 6th, 2007

    Been working in a vacuum… getting some academics finished up.  Still looking for daylight… but every now and then I come up and look around, and find something I need to do.   We’ve had some days of rain, and others of warming sun.  Is it really December?!  We’re even late getting ready for the holidays, but we’ll get there soon.  Is it just me, or does it come faster every year?

I was out collecting wood debris after some windy days so I could cut and rake leaves, but then I looked to the west and saw these huge, dark clouds almost upon me.  “Hmmm… think I’m going to get wet if I don’t hurry!”  Sure enough, within a few minutes the heavens opened up and buckets of rain were coming down.  Kind of neat to watch, but I had to take shelter under an eave to get a few pictures.  The wind was just ripping up the pond…  Can you imagine if this was snow?!  Maybe it will come yet.

Sheets of rain and wind across the pond


2 Responses to “Raindrops are Falling…”

  1. We got snow up Kansas City way (though only about an inch or two). I think Roundrock got some as well, if the weather maps can be trusted.

  2. We haven’t had any yet- but now we’re seeing the freezing rain… ugh! So many trees and such down last year in the metro St. Louis area. Going to be a wet week, but we need the rain. :)

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