Brrrrr! The Ice is Back

December 9th, 2007

     In the midst of the second ice storm for the year… the first came in January last winter, and now this week.  Who knew we would have such doings before winter once again has come!?  Strange combination of lots of rain and temperatures around the freezing point.  It’s actually very beautiful… it looks like an icicle paradise everywhere.  But it takes it’s toll on the plants and trees- many lose branches, and even break apart under the weight of ice.  Which of course isn’t good for the power lines… We lost electric power for half the day and went to town for lunch and extra stuff.  But the fire is going and the power’s back on for now- yippee!  I remember writing about the storm in January…  it took some time before I got the generator running, but it’s great to have when you need it. This storm is forecast to last a few days-  so let’s hope everybody stays warm.

Ice storm in December

2 Responses to “Brrrrr! The Ice is Back”

  1. We got swiped by the same storm up in Kansas City. Not so bad, and the road crews have been out working diligently. It should be moderately warm and clear later in the week.

    I wonder what Roundrock looks like.

  2. I’ll be your Roundrock is an ice paradise too! Looked like Oklahoma got hit pretty hard. I do hope it warms up- and that you are staying warm! :)

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