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December 14th, 2007

On the way back from the bus stop last week we were coming across the pond dam… I was busy thinking about all the things I needed to do that day, and week… and the young one says “Daddy, the pond looks like a mirror…” “Uh… yep…” I reply automatically… and about twenty yards further I finally stop, hearing what he said, remembering glancing at the pond and seeing the stillness a few minutes before. Now I take a good look… realizing its beauty, and being pleased that he noticed it. I want to take some pictures, but don’t have the camera for some reason. “I’ll be right back!” I yell as I run up the hill to the house…

Beautiful reflections in the pond

I had to wonder what other experiences and aspects of our life do we take for granted… thinking we appreciate or notice or understand, but do we? Do we really listen, or hear? Do we really see? Sometimes, and when we make time perhaps. But we probably miss a lot. I’ve written of reflections before… here on perception, and here searching for answers. I never tire of the changing context it provides to the routines of daily life.

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  1. That’s about as perfect as a lake picture can be. Mine might look that nice (if I had water in my lake, that is).

  2. I’m glad I could share it from that day. It’s not like that very often… and a difficult year for the water- ours is down 4-5 feet which is unusual at this time of year, but it has always come up over winter. I was looking at weather patterns for the region- the 90’s were very wet historically, but we’re at the other end of the spectrum now of course. Most of the ponds around here are down half or more, with several smaller ones just about dried up.

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