Let it Snow!!!

December 17th, 2007

The weather was keeping us on our toes lately with so much rain and ice.  But finally a whole bunch of snow!  I asked for it, huh?  Ah well, the tractor and shovels got some use, and of course a few snow angels, and a brief opportunity to sled in the snow. 

I know the young one is getting older when he says, “Dad, if it snows tomorrow can I use the wooden sleds with the metal bars?  I don’t really like those round saucers anymore.”   Well, instead of careening down the hill spinning in circles, maybe he’ll learn to race down the hillsides like a pro…  only not quite yet.  Poor guy has been sick for couple days… in his mind there was nothing worse than being 7 years old, and being sick during the first big snowfall of the season… he looked longingly out the window.  Finally yesterday, he was well enough to walk around and play for a short time. 

What a difference a week makes when looking at the pond!  It doesn’t normally get cold enough here to ice skate, but that would be really fun.   Last year it was frozen for three weeks and we walked all around the edges.  Who knows, maybe this year it will freeze solid.

The pond surrounded by snow in December

     If it snows again, then we’ll really have a chance for sledding.  But all hills lead to the pond…  have to figure something out there.   Hmmm, now that brings back an exciting memory…

I think I was 10 or 11 years old, and a group of daredevil boys gathered in the woods at the top of a huge hill in foot-deep snow.  One of those joyous, snowy winter days that seemed to last forever.  We kept daring each other to go over the edge of the hill with our sleds, fly through the air and race down the hill through the trees.  None of the kids would do it… they would walk partways down, then ride their sleds through an open area without jumping off the top. 

Except me.  For some reason I thought, “I’ll show them…” and fancied myself Evil Kneivel or something.  I climbed to the highest possible point above  the edge of the dropoff.   Zoom! I went, faster and faster… and Whooosh!  Over the edge as I was flying through the air… This is greaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! SMASH!…    

     I remember looking dizzily up at the sky next to this enormous tree trunk as all the kids ran down the hill.   “That was cooool!” they screamed and yelled.  I staggered to stand up, it became much quieter and all the boys just stared at me.  I looked down to see my arm pointing in the wrong direction for some unknown reason.  Then it dawned on me that I smashed the tree and somehow my arm needed fixed, cause I couldn’t get it to move the right way. 

I walked what seemed like a mile back to the house with my brother, sobbing, worried about getting in trouble, gritting my teeth with the realization that I broke my arm… and the worst part was I couldn’t go sledding anymore!   Got home…”Mommmm… Daaaaddd!  I broke my arm!”   They came over to see what all the excitement was about… “Oh now, I’m sure it’s just…. uh… oh… my goodness.”   I don’t remember much more, but that was the first of several casts I wore, and I learned that trees were much harder than my body parts and found new respect for flying through the air on sleds.

Snowy forest in Missouri - can you see the dog?

The forest looks like a snowy kingdom…

3 Responses to “Let it Snow!!!”

  1. As a boy I can remember sledding down a big hill in the neighborhood. There was a creek at the bottom, and someone had laid a chunk of plywood across a narrow spot to make a sort of sledding bridge. I came shooting down the hill, heading for that bridge, and missed it.

    I slammed face first into the frozen side of the creek. I think my nose was too cold to bleed at the time, but I remember getting up and falling down and just lying there for a while. None of my friends noticed, nor did they seem to care much when I told them. I guess if I could walk to the top of the hill where they were, I couldn’t have been too hurt in their eyes.

    I’ve never really enjoyed sledding since then.

  2. Owww! That must have hurt, and stunned you silly. Strange, I always liked going fast for some reason, even after the incident above. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on a sled (high school?), but I suspect our son will prompt me to get out there again. Have to figure out where I can take him with other kids…

  3. Sometimes golf courses let sledders on the links.

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