A Year of Growth

December 31st, 2007

I can hardly believe it’s the end of the year already! Where has the time gone…? This week has been a blur as well, and as you can see I’ve taken some time off from writing. Somehow I think we must take time to regroup now and then, and enjoy our family and friends in the “physical world” if you will. But there’s always more to do it seems!

As of today, Fox Haven Journal will have been “on line” for one year. Hooray! The grand experiment continues, and I hope to keep writing through the years. I wonder if it will seem redundant at some point? Living here, and working here never seems redundant to me personally, but it may seem that way to others. I think I’ll just keep sharing thoughts and pictures though, and maybe this will be part of a larger chronicle of our life.

With the New Year upon us, I look back at a year of wonderful opportunities and experiences. It was a year of little rain (I think we’re behind by 8 inches for the year!), but also a year of new beginnings for both the young one in first grade, and the family, as well as a year of completion with finishing graduate degrees and many projects. We all grew a little older and hopefully wiser, and continue our journey to knowledge, health and well-being.

Sunset in Winter

We’re better off for our experiences, and what we share and learn. I am thankful for so much, and look forward to another year of growth and enlightenment, and wish you all a new year of peace, joy and prosperity!

To leave the old with a burst of song
To recall the right and forgive the wrong;
To forget the thing that binds you fast
To the vain regrets of the year that™s past;
To have the strength to let go your hold
Of the not worthwhile of the days grown old,
To dare to go forth with a purpose true,
To the unknown task of the year that™s new;
To help your brother along the road
To do his work and lift his load;
To add your gift to the world™s good cheer,
Is to have and to give a Happy New Year.


Author Unknown

2 Responses to “A Year of Growth”

  1. I certainly hope you keep writing this blog. Homesteading Hickory Hills hinted that he might back away from writing his blog and we released the hounds on him.

  2. Thanks Pablo. I think it’s entirely a more introspective journey for me, yet perhaps a way to share this small, beautiful piece of the world we live in. Of course meeting others and reading their blogs is pretty darn cool too!

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