Cold and Sunny… Time to Get to Work!

January 2nd, 2008

The year has begun and it is cold! Awoke to 10 degrees F this morning, yet with bright sunshine. Somehow even the cold isn’t too bad when the sun is shining. And the house stays warmer too! Strangely enough, in a few days we’re supposed to have unseasonably warm weather- over 50 degrees F. I’m all for that, as I still have leaves that need picked up and many other outdoor chores. Replenishing the wood pile is more enjoyable when it’s not so cold either.

It’s time again to start the engines of the various machines in the barn as well. I have found that if I start all the vehicles, tractors, mowers, etc about once a month, that they do much better in the spring. Inevitably, if I leave one alone all winter, it’s that much harder to get started the following year. Missouri recently mandated 10% ethanol in all gasoline fuels, and I’m not sure how that will affect the storage of fuel in the tanks of all the engines. But to be on the safe side I usually add fuel stabilizer to help preserve the fuel. Seems to work pretty well.

So for now it’s time to work on some chores and professional goals, and see about sticking to a few of those new year’s resolutions. A list that includes goals for health, exercise, and losing a little weight… well, maybe more than a little! But I’m pretty determined this year :)

Our feathered Goldfinch friends are all puffed up in the cold, and enjoying some morning thistle seed. I only see them on the colder days… where do they go?

Goldfinches feeding on thistle seed in winter

Yesterday there wasn’t any ice on the pond, and the wind was blowing tremendously. But overnight the wind calmed, and the pond froze quickly in such cold weather.

Frozen pond on a cold winter morning

I love how the weather, light and temperatures can change the environment so much. A couple days ago there was a combination of thin ice and reflected sunlight on the water. As the ice melted, the wind pushed it up to the corner of the pond, where it finally succumbed to warmer temperatures.

Water and ice on the pond in winter

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