Redbirds on Gray Days

January 5th, 2008

    A warm dawn of almost 50 degrees today, and a little rain last night.  We have more rain on the way after the people of California are trying to dig out of the winter storms.  But hopefully the sun will peek through the clouds today so we can enjoy working outside a little more.  Yeah!

Our feathered friends continue enjoying free handouts of birdseed.  I enjoy seeing them hop around, and flutter all about.  And it’s amazing how much they can eat.  The Golfinches go through the thistle feeder in a week, and all kinds of other birds eat about 5 pounds of mixed seed each week.  Here’s a male Northern Cardinal peeking in the window as he looks for more sunflower seeds.  Here in Missouri we just call them Redbirds… after the St. Louis Cardinals of course!  It’s nice to see such color and life on gray winter days with clouds all around.  Last year I wrote about the Cardinal in the House when I picked up a stunned Cardinal after he smashed into a window, and brought him inside for a day to warm up.  They look cute, but they’re tough little dudes!

 A male Cardinal hops outside the house looking for birdseed

The other day we saw some strange clouds blowing low across the sky.  I’m always amazed at different images in nature.  For all that we notice, there’s probably so much more that we miss.

 Strom clouds roll across the sky

2 Responses to “Redbirds on Gray Days”

  1. In the sixties tomorrow. I’ll be in the woods!!!

  2. Gotta love that! Spent the day outside too… :)

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