January Warmth

January 7th, 2008

    Yesterday was incredible.  It felt like a summer day… in January, which for Missouri is very strange.  We hit a new high of 73 degrees F, and I spent over five hours on several tractors cutting grass and leaves, and cleaning up the property.   The warm breeze felt so good- it was like being rejuvenated by fresh, clean air.  Now I know why some folks head south for a few weeks in the middle of winter!

It was fun being outdoors and getting things accomplished.  It was also a day of strange sights- maybe because of the weather?  Flocks of geese and starlings were moving around, almost as if thinking of spring.   Too early my friends… we’re in for some colder weather still!   This morning I saw a Bald Eagle flying over a neighboring farm.  They’re usually much closer to the water of course, and arrive this time of year to forage along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers far enough south to avoid a lot of ice.

Sunset last night was beautiful… almost felt like we should be barbecueing something!  And the warm weather has woken up one of our flying friends.  They’re usually here in the evenings for three seasons of the year, but we rarely see them in winter.  Not sure there’s much food for him right now.  See him there in the middle?  He was zooming by so fast, I only got a few photos- but one’s enough! :)

Flying Bat at sunset, awakened by warm January weather.


This Goldfinch seems to think being upside down is the how to get the best food… 

Goldfinches at a thistle seed feeder in winter

     And now I’m off to clean some gutters… how exciting!  But the rain is coming, and when they fill with leaves we end up with water going a lot of places we don’t want.   It’s another 70 degree day, but tonight the colder weather returns.  It’s been nice while it lasted!

2 Responses to “January Warmth”

  1. I don’t think your friend was batty for being out. I was out to the woods on that glorious day and I saw a bunch of insects that were fooled into coming out because of the warmth. I suppose an insectivore would have some sense of this and be out among them to have an extra bit of protein during the lean months.

  2. Ha! I’m sure you’re right… and glad to know you saw the little critters! It was indeed a glorious day.

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