Bully Birds and Moss

January 18th, 2008

     A beautiful sunny, cold day today and some colder weather coming.  I think it’s going to be around 7 degrees F/ -14 Celsius tonight.  Time to bring the dogs into the garage and let them sleep a little warmer.  And the birds are really stocking up on the food.  When a storm is approaching there’s always a lot more activity at the bird feeder… but sometimes a big bully comes a long and ruins it for everybody.   Usually it’s the cats prowling for some unwary bird…

But this Purple (Common) Grackle hung around the feeder for a few hours guarding his new-found hoard of birdseed.  I didn’t see him eat very much- he just tossed it around, looking for the bigger pieces.   The other birds kept their distance while he thrashed about.  I suppose calling him a bully is being a bit anthropomorphic, but like Jays they can steal eggs and eat the other critters!

Common Grackle guarding the bird feeder 

There’s always something to notice while walking the property.  Is there anything more green than Carpet Moss in the forest in winter?  It just has that deep vibrant, lush feel to it that you can get lost in.  Everything else is so brown it really stands out.  I’d love to have a mossy terrace just covered by it!

Carpet Moss in the forest in winter

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