Penguins and Bluestem

January 20th, 2008

   Awoke to a 3 degree F morning… Brrrrr!  We were looking at weather around the world yesterday, and it was warmer in Antarctica than it was here.  Probably only in the sun or something :)  Always wanted to visit that part of the world.  Well, perhaps more like New Zealand, but if you’re that close anyway- why not see a few Penguins in the wild too!  Some of those critters might like the pond at Fox Haven now- it’s frozen solid and cold enough for ’em!  A good day for catching up indoors.

During the warm season last year I tried not to cut too many grasses near the border of the pond.  As winter approached, I left the tall stalks of Little Bluestem alone as they grew.  It provides a beautiful tawny brown color to the landscape, and stays upright all through the cold season.  Little Bluestem is a native prairie grass in Missouri, for which I share Pablo’s appreciation where he has written of it before.  I like his description of it being a bunchgrass, “which means a bunch of it grows from a single root system.”  I like to think it helps prevent erosion along the pond’s edge, and provides a different type of food and cover for birds and such.  I too just enjoy having it grow here.

Little Bluestem along the frozen pond

2 Responses to “Penguins and Bluestem”

  1. It certainly is a good looking grass in its raggedy way. Beats suburban lawn grass every time.

  2. Yes… I used to take such care of grass to keep it green and lush. Now if I can just get it to keep growing around the trees I’m happy!

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