Yellow Lab at 15 Months

January 23rd, 2008

     It’s hard to believe the yellow Labrador Retriever is 15 months old now.  Actually, it seems like he’s been part of the family for a very long time.  He and the young boy are best friends, and just love to romp and play together. 

We don’t get out as much right now when it’s incredibly cold.  Well, perhaps the dog does, but we don’t train as much as when it’s warmer.  The cold doesn’t bother him a bit however, and last week we even did some retrieves in the cold water of the pond.  He didn’t mind and was ready for more.   

But while we’ve been spending more time indoors perhaps, I’ve found that I need a ready supply of “chewy toys” on hand.  Now a lot of dogs like to chew, no question. 

I’ve met few dogs that have the single-mindedness of this Labrador when he sets to work on chewing something.  And it doesn’t last long!  I bought one of those indestructible chew toys at a pet store the other day… it’s already in pieces.  I don’t know what the best thing is, but we’ve found that thick rawhide chews last the longest.  Maybe 2-3 days each, but that’s better than most of the other items.

Do you have a favorite item that your dog, or your Labrador can chew… and that lasts?   I’d love to know.   Oh, I bought him a nice thick real bone to chew on… about 18 inches long.  He doesn’t chew that much, but likes to carry it around a lot- and he has a penchant for dropping things from the top of the stairs so he can run down to chase it.   Well, he did that the other day with the big hard bone… Crash!  That got my attention… I heard the bone hit the wall across the bottom of the stairs… he just looked at me as if to say, “Wow! That was cool!”

As much as he loves to run and play, he’s also a gentle, good-natured dog.  No pretense… just an honest dog that loves to follow you around.  Oh, and eat whatever you do… he’d be a regular garbage disposal if I let him. 

He’s a loving, goofy animal that seems to fit in pretty well around here.  Doesn’t say much for me perhaps!

Yellow Labrador Retriever at 15 months.

4 Responses to “Yellow Lab at 15 Months”

  1. My dog is a Sheltie, and he doesn’t like to chew. He does like to chase things though. Herding is what his breed was created for. A retriever like yours probably always wants something in his mouth.

  2. That’s interesting that the Sheltie doesn’t chew, but it makes sense about their instincts. And yes, the Lab always loves having things in his mouth… just carrying or bringing something puts a twinkle in his eyes :)

  3. CodiAnne

    My dog Sadie just pasted away in April,1st,2010 and i had her when i was 4 years old and she died at the age of 11. Plus we got Sadie at theyear of 2002. And she was My BFF. :(

  4. Hi CodiAnne… I’m sorry to hear about your Sadie- they are amazing animals, and friends… in a way that is like nothing else. But I hope one day you can find another good friend to share your life with. I think back on other dogs I’ve had- and they are all special (but the lab somehow looks right through me!). Thank you for stopping by…

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