Cold, Sunny Days in January

January 25th, 2008

A sunny week with really cold nights… but when you wake up around 10 degrees F, and then the high is close to 30 degrees you actually start to feel warm.   Isn’t it amazing how the sun makes all the difference?  And it provides an opportunity (and motivation) to get some more things done outdoors.  We’ve been going through the firewood pretty quickly the past few weeks.  The tractor helps immensely with carrying loads of wood closer to the house.  The year before we got it I was pushing wheel barrows back and forth forever it seemed.  The tractor helps make the trip from behind the barn to around the house where I stack it near the doors outside, and then it’s not such a far reach in the middle of the night, or early morning!  This year we’re using about three bucket loads every two weeks, but that will drop off quickly after a few more weeks I suspect.  It really helps warm the house and cut down on the electricity bill however.

Loading up firewood in the John Deere 2320 tractor bucket

The birds have been eating an incredible amount of seed at the feeder.  I put up some suet for the woodpeckers.  Here a female Red-bellied Woodpecker uses her stiff tail feathers to help prop herself up for a quick meal.  The male’s heads are entirely capped in red as opposed to the top patch in gray for the females. 

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker

I’m starting to feel ready for spring again.  Funny how the seasons can do that… just enough time and enjoyment to look forward to the next season.  In a few weeks it will be time to plant seed starts indoors, and order from the catalogs.  We may try a different garden approach this year, as we’ll be gone on vacation visiting relatives for a few weeks.  Last year we started too late and missed the early growing season… time to plan ahead a little better!

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