Raking the Garden, but Snow Coming!

January 31st, 2008

The other day we went from 70 degrees F down to 15 degrees in a matter of hours.  I was out working in a t-shirt, raking compost on the garden, and then the temperature begain dropping.  We even had snow for a few hours… and tonight we should receive 6-8 inches.  Looks like a snow day for the kids tomorrow!   But that touch of warm weather for a couple days was really nice.

 Sparky the cat loves to wander around while we work outside.  As I raked the mulch in the garden he “meowed” for attention…

Sparky the cat surveys the garden from the fence

In the morning it felt like spring, but by evening the snow began.  The garden will have to wait…

Rows of mulch in the garden before a snowfall



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