Heavy Rain and a Full Pond

February 6th, 2008

     The storms yesterday were very strong, and deadly in some regions.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the affected families in neighboring states.  We had severe storms and wind, but no tornadoes.  We also received far more rain than we could handle, which turned the slopes and draws into conduits for the immense force of the water as it went downhill.   Just a month ago the pond was 4-5 feet low, and then after storms a couple weeks ago only 2 feet low.  And now it’s overflowing down the spillway from yesterday’s rain.

Almost in a matter of hours the pond rose over 2 feet during the storms completely filling up.  Obviously we prefer a full pond, but it’s hard to watch the heavy storms and rain affect the landscape.  Now we have multiple new channels cut in the slopes where the grass washed out down to the rocks underneath.  The driveway is washed out again in several places too, so I’ll have some work to do on the tractor this week.  Somehow this yearI need to get a lot more gravel, and a lot more grass seed to grow in places.  But it’s a balance, and in all I’m sure everything is just fine.  This will all be here long after I’m gone, probably not looking too much different!

The water washed down the draw from the acreage up the hill.  It’s like this for a couple hours during really heavy rain, and then slowly returns to a steady trickle, but only during wet months.  In the summer it’s very dry.

Heavy rain washing into pond


I had just picked up our son at the bus stop and as we pulled into the garage it started hailing.  There were so many hail pebbles that it clogged up the gutters!

Hail filled up the gutters

He had never seen or felt hail before so he was very curious.

Hailstones in a boy™s hand

In a small victory, the rocky drainage I asked the state highway department to put in really helped along the roadside.  Instead of a huge muddy flow of water heading down the hill, it was transformed to a slower flow of water.  It’s so much better, and doesn’t induce “hydraulic” washout effects at the bottom of the hill now.   A good lesson for me… I need to get a couple truckloads of gravel and dump that strategically around the property.

Roadside drainage during storm

2 Responses to “Heavy Rain and a Full Pond”

  1. I’m glad your lake is full again. I’m hoping mine got a nice recharge too. Maybe I’ll get to find out this weekend.

    This was really the first time your boy experienced hail? That’s pretty cool for him.

  2. Hi Pablo- Yes, he was so excited. I know we’ve had small hail at times, but he’s either been in bed, or at school perhaps. This stuff was big enough to make an impression- especially with the noise! I hope you get to head to the woods. Most of the ponds and such are almost full now here.

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