Sunlight and Wistful Thinking

February 15th, 2008

Somehow today I felt a twinkling of spring in the air. I don’t know why… the temperature was in the high 20’s, although sunny. Over the past week we’ve had some very warm days, and very cold ones. Maybe it’s the light? Animals and plants have an innate biological clock that marches to the rhythm of sunlight. I found myself in the barn this morning looking over the machinery. All the engines and moving parts need to be cleaned and lubricated. Some of them will need to be de-winterized and I need to clean up a bunch of stuff that I’ve put off for some time. I also find myself looking wistfully at the garden! Hard to believe, but it’s just about time for planting seeds indoors to get a nice start in spring.

Are the days moving faster or is it just me? Seems like there’s always so much to do. So with that in mind, here’s a picture celebrating the lengthening daylight. I took this a few days ago as we played outside on a beautiful, sunny and warm day. It was one of those afternoons where the clouds drift lazily across the sky and you just want to curl up and soak it in. Think we’re ready for a few more days like that… :)

Sunny day in late winter in Missouri

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