Winter’s Journey

February 17th, 2008

A lot more rain last night, but we slept through most of it. Awoke to a balmy 50 degrees F, but the temperature is dropping fast. Maybe even snow tonight or tomorrow. We’ve certainly had a lot of moisture so far this year. I hope the summer is not quite as dry as the past few years, but at least the pond will have a good start. It’s full to the brim and we haven’t even had our spring rains yet. Only a couple more weeks and the little critters should be coming out. Cricket frogs and Spring Peepers! I love their calls in early spring and look forward to the end of winter’s journey this year.

It was interesting to see the ice thawing on the pond this morning, but also where the rain washed silt into the pond. Can you see the bands of silt under the ice?

Pond ice and silt

We went to our son’s Blue and Gold Banquet last night for Cub Scouts. It was very nice, with a lot of symbology. The young scouts received awards and pins as recognition for their effort and dedication. There was a lot of parental involvement such as lighting candles to symbolize positive steps through life’s journey. You could see how proud the kids were, and it was very touching to speak from the heart about helping shape a child’s life in a postive way. This week I found one of my old neckerchief “slides” that I used over 30 years ago, and our young boy was able to wear it as he received his Tiger Badge.

Cub Scout Tiger Badge

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