Look at the Moon!

February 21st, 2008

    It’s freezing rain and sleet today, with most of the area schools closed.  But before the clouds rolled in last night we were lucky to see the Lunar eclipse.  It was really neat, and the 7-year old had a chance to see one for the first time.   Probably doesn’t seem like much at that age, and it’s hard to appreciate the measure of time when you’re young.  But the only full lunar eclipse I’ve ever seen was over 30 years ago.  I remember camping out on that summer night with a good friend and fishing together on a lake during the eclipse.  We spent the late night in a rowboat under the moonlight, amazed to watch the full eclipse take place over several hours.  So last night brought back many memories, and provided a wonderful opportunity for new ones with the family.  Perhaps years from now our son will remember it too.  Good night Moon!

Lunar eclipse February 20th 2008

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