Bluestem Around the Pond

February 24th, 2008

I’ve taken pictures of Bluestem before, but I really appreciate the color against the snow.  In the past I’ve cut the grass around the pond in late summer to keep it trimmed looking.  This year, I cut more carefully and allowed the Little Bluestem to really grow.  Turned out to offer beautiful color to the landscape as well as erosion prevention.  I don’t know how agressive Bluestem grass is, but it seems to grow very well here.  If it helps stablize the pond bank then that is another plus.  Somehow I just enjoy it’s natural look.

Little Bluestem grass growing around the edge of the pond

We’ve enjoyed some new snow this morning, but the temperatures are rising fast.  Time to clean up some woody debris around the property, but everything is by hand.  It’s just too wet and muddy to drive any kind of equipment around the landscape.  We’re about 2.5 inches ahead of our average rainfall by this time of year.  That’s good, and maybe it will keep us ahead of the dry weather going into summer!

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