Winter Labors On

February 26th, 2008

Winter has a firm grip in our area with snow and cold weather continuing. And looking ahead the next few weeks may keep us colder than normal. I was walking around this morning looking for the telltale daffodils poking up through the ground. Last year they were up about 2 inches by now, but there’s none to be seen as yet. Which is actually a good thing… the plants and flowers bloomed so early last year that they were nipped by the frost. Perhaps this year we’ll avoid the frost and see some more flowers and fruits.

Even the squirrels are hungry as winter labors on. This young Fox Squirrel came near the bird feeder to nibble on sunflower seeds. I wonder if its food stores are low? And these are not park squirrels; They’re quite wary of human or other animal presence. It’s actually the first one I’ve seen within several hundred yards of the house in two winters- they usually stay further away because our dogs and cats are about. But the pets were inside for much of the day and the squirrel seized the moment!

Fox squirrel in Missouri

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