The Shiba’s Leaf Pile

March 3rd, 2008

Yesterday was amazing!  It was so warm I think we got more accomplished in one day than the whole month before.  And it was windy too, but just perfect for opening the windows and getting some fresh air.  One of the chores was sweeping/blowing the leaves out of the garage and driveway area. The way the house faces makes a perfect “wind eddy” for leaves to accumulate.  But trying to clean them up was more like other things you should not do in the wind (!) and they kept blowing back to where I started.  I finally satisfied myself with a measure of cleanliness.  For about 10 minutes.  After working on something else I came back to find that Kuma appreciates the leaves just fine, thank you very much.   He snuggled down to relax for a while.  It was funny- a great whirlwind began blowing leaves in circles all around his head.  He just stoically squinted his eyes and enjoyed the breeze.

Shiba Inu in a pile of leaves

Another notable event yesterday- the Spring Peepers emerged from hibernation and began calling.  I’ve been listening for them the past few weeks, but with the warmth of the weekend after rain, they came out early for spring.  It was nice listening to their calls- I may try to record them and put that here.  The critters are going to have to hunker down for another week or two because it turns cold again tomorrow with a snowstorm in the forecast!

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  1. I heard several different frog calls out at the woods on that glorious Sunday. Peepers were among them.

  2. They are wonderful… :)

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