Early March Snow is Fun for Everybody

March 5th, 2008

After an amazingly warm weekend, we were hit by 5+ inches of snow. Made for an interesting day, especially watching the animals.

Many birds hung around the feeders through the storm, especially the litttle Juncos.

Juncos at the feeder during snowfall

The snowfall covered the barn quickly.

Country barn after snowfall

A flock of Robins perched around the trees, looking out of place with the ground covered in snow.

Robin perched in tree during snowstorm

And I learned something new about Robins. Several of them flew in and out of this Juniper tree eating the juniper berries. Who knew?

This large bush is just outside a porch window, and the Robins were too intent on eating the berries to worry about me standing in the window. They must have been pretty hungry.

Robin eating Juniper berries in winter

I learned something new about our Shiba Inu as well… he likes to eat snow! Go figure. He has a very particular demeanor. The Mrs. saw him eating chunks off the newly plowed driveway and got a quick picture of him. That’s a chunk of snow in his mouth!

Shiba Inu eating snow

Of course the Yellow Labrador will eat just about anything… here he’s looking for whatever that might be!

“I know it’s in there somewhere…”

Yellow Labrador Retriever in the snow

He ran around like crazy through the snow, finally sitting down as if wondering, “Now what do I do?” Then he ran some more… He slept like a baby last night, all tuckered out.

Yellow Labrador in the snow

But Old Man Basset Hound wandered around making sure everything was in order. He’s going on 11 years old…

Old Man Basset Hound

2 Responses to “Early March Snow is Fun for Everybody”

  1. Wow! I hear St. Louis got snowed on pretty hard too. We missed all of that here in KC. I’ll find out this weekend (I hope) if Roundrock got any snow.

    My Sheltie has taken to eating snow now too. He’d never done that in past winters.

  2. “Y’all” in the KC area usually get a lot more than over here. That is funny about eating snow! I didn’t know dogs did that, but why not I suppose. Of course I caught the 7-year old eating some snow of his own :)

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