Getting Outside for a New Perspective

March 14th, 2008

What a beautiful day today!   Watched the news early and it just sounded so negative… so I spent much of the day with the young boy outdoors cleaning up, trimming and pruning.  It was great fun actually, and he found that the hard stems of year-old Pampas Grass is good for all kinds of things.  And he says it’s the most amazing plant he’s ever seen!  I’ll have to get a picture up tomorrow.

Sometimes the news on the economy is just a little much, and I have to head outside to work, breathe some fresh air and gain perspective.  Groceries cost a little… okay, a lot more these days it seems, and fuel for the vehicles is crazy high.  I suspect I’ll let the grass grow a little longer this year and not use the tractor quite as much! 

We may also try growing a few more things in the garden this year.  I’m not quite ready for chickens and goats.   I would love to have them, but we like to take trips fishing and camping. I would be the primary caretaker, but it seems to me that it must be a family commitment.  Honestly we haven’t reconciled the desire to have animals (beyond cats and dogs!), and the desire to be a little more mobile.   That may change…  :)

For now we have enough work to do getting cleaned up from winter.  Spring is so energizing though!  Just the warmer days and brighter sunshine lifts the spirit.  The buds are swelling and little green shoots are poking out of the ground everywhere.   The year is in full swing- and things can always be worse.  Especially for the guy who watched his new $12,000 engagment ring float away in a balloon before he could give it to his fiance… Doh!

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