The Tuning Fork Tree

March 17th, 2008

Every place we visit has something special about it… if we really look. Most of the time I see all kinds of things I appreciate, and feel like a kid in a candy store when visiting somewhere new. But when we’ve been to the same place many times, or lived in the same place for a while, we tend to tune out the unique sights and sounds around us. It’s so easy to happen, especially when we become preoccupied with the greater happenings of our busy lives.

Earlier this year I noticed something new… a tree a few hundred yards from the house that had a neat looking branch up high. In fact I immediately thought of a “tuning fork” that musicians may use as an acoustic baseline for tuning or calibrating instruments. Or those used in science as well. The more I read about tuning forks, the more fascinating they were. I even found a neat site where you can “click” the tuning forks and hear the various tones and read about the history of the tuning fork. Did you know it was invented in 1711? Who’d have thought…

Of course I still appreciate the home version of the tuning fork- the wine glass half full where you wipe your finger around the rim to produce a nice vibrational tone. As interesting as all of that is, whenever I see the Tuning Fork Tree I smile and wonder what else I haven’t noticed yet. Hopefully the only resonating this tuning fork will do is to move gently back and forth in the wind!

The Tuning Fork Tree at Fox Haven

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