Almost Time for the Garden!

March 18th, 2008

Okay, raise your hand if you’re starting to get the gardening itch!?  I’ve been looking longingly at seed packs, and we’re trying to decide exactly where to plant everything this year.  Frankly I’m a little distrurbed that it seems so exciting to me!

But it’s all part of the season, and knowing that if you grow plants and take care of them that you’ll put fresh, healthy food on your table… well, how could that not be exciting!?  Maybe it taps into some aspect of our long-ago agrarian forebears.  In an age in which we have and use every conceivable technological invention, it’s nice to simply “play in the dirt” once in a while.

Of course I like shovels and hoes just fine, but when I really want to play in the dirt, nothing beats a 23hp tractor.  Except maybe a bigger tractor.  :) 

John Deere 2320 tractor 

I’m thinking of planting a few rows of something special this year though.  I’ve always wanted to grow giant pumpkins!  Don’t ask me why… I don’t really know.  And what will I do with a few giant pumpkins after they’re grown?  They’d make a nice display for a while, then you better have someplace to let them, well… decompose I suppose.

Maybe a nice big row of sweet corn?  With the price of fuel and ethanol production these days, it may get harder to find good eating corn at a reasonable price.  I remember 10-15 ears for a dollar years ago, but last year it was a quarter each.

Have you ever been to the Garden Web forums?  It’s a wonderful place to read and learn about so many things involving gardening, plants and landscaping.  I’ve always ended up there while looking for answers, so now I just go there first.  They even have a section on tractors :)

For now I look around at all that is still so brown. But not for long!  Soon we’ll be covered in greenery, and chasing ourselves around trying to get things done.  The change of the seasons… before we know it we’ll be muttering about the bugs, but that’s okay, I’m ready!

Fox Haven Pond

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