March Easter Morning

March 23rd, 2008

A welcome day as the flood waters are receeding in towns across the region, and for Easter of course. This is the earliest time of year that I can ever remember celebrating Easter. The young one awoke with excitement in his eyes to find out what the Easter Bunny may have brought. Finding (and now hiding) Easter eggs is something I remember fondly too. My father used to enjoy hiding eggs around the house, and many family members may have found an egg or two in the old piano. This is now the young boy’s favorite hiding place as well. Another early memory of mine is when our mother baked little Easter cakes for all the boys. I must have been 10 or 11 years old. It was exciting to find your own special cake on Easter!

We colored our eggs yesterday, and the boy was very proud of this one- it turned out blue from mixing other dyes together. Now why the Easter Bunny takes our colored eggs out of the refrigerator and hides them is a question we just haven’t answered yet.. :)

Easter egg hidden in the piano

We awoke to light snow this morning, but it quickly melted. You can just see a little on the top of the stump which was under water a few days ago. This is the normal “full” level for the pond, until summer sets in with less rainfall. A couple of male Wood Ducks are enjoying time to forage in the shallows nearby.

Wood Ducks in the pond on Easter morning

2 Responses to “March Easter Morning”

  1. Good looking egg, and I should not be surprised that you play the piano too. And you have wood ducks!

  2. Happy Easter Pablo- The wood ducks seem to visit everyday in spring, and then disappear! Would that I could play the piano… I strike a few chords, but perhaps the boy may take some lessons yet :)

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