Fairy Rings and Fungi

April 3rd, 2008

The oddities of nature amaze me.  Or maybe they’re not oddities, but I am amazed anyway.  I’ve been watching a fairy ring in a field for a year or two.  I didn’t recognize the green dark ring at first, but then found the strange, dark fungi hidden beneath the grass.  Since I first noticed it, it hasn’t become much larger.  Which makes me think it grows very slowly. 

 Fairy ring in pasture

It was interesting to read Fun Facts about Fungi and how fairy rings grow.   They also describe one in France that is over a half mile in diameter and maybe 700 years old!    Our little fairy ring is about 20 feet in diameter, and probably at least that old in years.

 Unknown Fungi in pasture

What kind of fungi is this?  I’m not really sure.  I thought maybe a puffball, but it’s flat along the top.  We’ll keep checking on it through the years.  

It’s colder and rainy again today, and the spring season is beginning slowly.  But when we get a day or two of warming weather it’s time to think about Morels…  we haven’t found any on our property, but maybe some day.  Folks guard their secret morel sites carefully.  They are really delicious!

2 Responses to “Fairy Rings and Fungi”

  1. We found morels one year at Roundrock, but even though we have gone back each year since, we’ve never found them again. I suspect someone else knows about the site as well.

  2. Hi Pablo- Wow… that’s frustrating to have found them one year, but not after! I’ve heard that sometimes they’re only up for a few days, but to see no trace of them makes you wonder. Maybe I’ll send away for some spores… :)

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