Predictability, Change and Barn Swallows

April 7th, 2008

Somehow we are reassured with constancy, or at least routine.  Not that I prefer routine mind you, but I appreciate predictability.  It helps frame our experience, or maybe serves as a foundation for other aspects of our lives.  But then again, I’ve always thrived with chaos and change too.

The Barn Swallows represent a constant in my life, and predictability as well as strength.  They returned last night.  Funny… at dinner I was musing about when the Barn Swallow’s would return because last year it was on the 7th of April… today.  Or at least that’s when I noticed them last year.

But then after dinner I went out to clean up a few things and as I sat gazing at the sky, our feathered friend swooshed overhead!  I thought I was seeing things, but then the other swallow of the pair flew by and I smiled, yelling “Welcome back!” to these fleet birds intent on their mission.  I marveled at their speed and hurried pace.  The day had been warm and insects were emerging everywhere.  So the swallows were having their supper.

 Barn Swallow returns to Fox Haven

How do they fly to South America in late summer and back here 6-7 months later to arrive on about the same day?   This morning I took the young boy to meet the bus, and we watched the swallows flying low over the fields.  Returning to the house, I saw one perched above the roof, preening and enjoying the morning sun after a long journey.  It looked at me briefly and then away.

I wondered what was different along the journey that the barn swallow may have encountered, and what might be different here.  We are different perhaps, and then we are also the same.

I love the chaos and change that seasons represent, and yet too their predictability.  We’ve had our share of dynamic weather, and yet the seasons, the birds, the morning sunshine –  all are new, and all are the same.  All are alive, and flow together as one.

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