A Hungry Visitor

April 12th, 2008

Our friend the Great Blue Heron has returned.  It doesn’t nest here, but makes the rounds in the morning to try and find a meal or two.  I was walking back toward the pond the other day and saw it flying away with a very large bulge in its neck.  “That better not be our koi!” I shouted.  Last year we found a huge bluegill laying on the bank with big scissor marks down both sides of its body.  The heron had grabbed and tried to eat it, but couldn’t.

Great Blue Heron at the pond

All things being equal (which they’re not), I would rather the heron feed somewhere else.  I’ve heard that some koi owners lose all the fish in their ponds to herons.  Can’t blame them for finding food where it’s most convenient. They are beautiful birds, but we like managing our own fish population!

As I walked closer to the heron it flew away over the pond with a raucous “Aawwwk!”.

 Great Blue Heron flying over pond

3 Responses to “A Hungry Visitor”

  1. I’ve thought about adding koi to my pond and lake (lake?), but at the cost of each fish, I can’t justify feeding the herons (and raccoons and bobcats) that way. I’d like to think that koi can reproduce fast enuf to outpace the hungry critters but maybe not.

  2. That’s a good point! I added 5 koi over two years, but that’s enough I think. I don’t know if they’ll reproduce, but we have a lot of hungry bass and bluegill to keep them in check if they do grow the population. I love seeing the koi… but we like fishing for the bass and bluegill too :)

  3. […] turtles.  Glad this isn’t further south or I’d wonder about ‘gators.   The heron comes every now and then, looking for his breakfast too.  And sometimes a kingfisher makes an […]

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