Picking Dandelions

April 16th, 2008

asparagus-beds.jpgTime to get to work it seems as the weather is really nice. Stopped at the store to look at plants yesterday… oops, now we have more planting to do. But as the boy grows older he is becoming a lot more help around the house.

Of course I have to compete with his imagination and a tendency to run wild around the place. Which brings out the tendency in me to smile. But while I was using the tractor to dump mulch on the asparagus beds the other day he asked, “What can I do?”




Picking dandelions

Now I have a bright idea: “Well, how about picking dandelions?” I say. The little yellow flowers are blooming all over the grass, driveway and wherever I don’t want them. And I don’t like spraying chemicals everywhere, so we usually just try to cut them with the mower before they go to seed. Which never really works anyway.

But I tell him, “I’ll give you a penny a piece for each yellow flower you pick, okay?” I think he won’t get further than 50 or 60, but that it will keep him busy for a while. “Okay!” he says. And he spends the next hour filling up a small bucket.


“Guess how many I picked?” he asks. “Umm, well, a lot… maybe a hundred?” I say. ” Nope. I picked 469 dandelions!” he says with a smile, “And that’s four dollars and sixty-nine cents you owe me!”

“Holy cow… I never knew you’d pick that many, and where did you learn to figure that out anyway?!” I tease him.

I wonder how long he’ll pick dandelions for a penny?

2 Responses to “Picking Dandelions”

  1. Reminds me of a time when my younger brother got paid a nickel for every dog bone he picked out of the yard while I mowed the lawn for a dollar an hour. It took me six hours to mow the lawn and earned almost twice what I did. I think my parents put a cap on his earnings from then on out.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of dog bones! I’ll have to watch our little guy… :)

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