Backyard Beasts Indeed

April 23rd, 2008

Warm today!  I’ve been keeping occupied with vegetative matters… and not the reclining type.  Lots of grass cutting, tree planting and general soil manipulation.   But there’s always time to enjoy the warmth of the day.  This week that warmth has meant all the insect critters are out in abundance. 

For some reason, we seem to be infested with paper wasps this week.  I don’t generally mind the little black colored guys, but we have some big red ones around that I’ve not seen much before.  And contrary to Valerie’s view of these Backyard Beasts, the ones here are aggressive (Don’t they look mean too!).  I know they are good for the environment, and eat catepillars and such, but when the wasps start chasing me that’s where I draw the line.

I’ve gone through a few cans of wasp spray, doing battle with them as they fly at me.  Not in any particular area either- I’ll be walking peacefully along behind or in front of the house, planting a tree or minding my own business, and this red devil will start buzzing and chasing me.  I don’t know, there must be a big nest somewhere that I just can’t find.  It sounds funny- but really, one of these dudes chased me for almost 100 feet today.  I threw my gloves at it, waved a hat at it, and kept running while it flew after me.  Wish I had a video of my wasp dance– that would look pretty funny.  The black paper wasps tend to avoid us, but these red ones are all around the outside of the house and garden, and just fly right at you when you walk by them.  I’ll try to get a picture this week if they’ll hold still long enough!  So these dudes now rank as the #1 bug I can’t stand, beating out the bug I appreciate the least from last year.

While there’s too many wasps, I have not succeeded in finding any morels this year, and the season is probably nearing its end.  We did find this large fungi anonymous however.   Is this a puffball?  I don’t really know, but it was floating in the pond and the young one thought it looked like a bell.  Kind of neat whatever it is.

Fungi anonymous a puffball?

Time to work with gravel and bark tomorrow… with a can of wasp spray in my back pocket.

2 Responses to “Backyard Beasts Indeed”

  1. I recently read from a morel expert that once temperatures stay in the 80’s for any length of time, the season is over. We’ve barely touched 80 once a few days back so I’m hoping our season is still in play.

  2. Really? Hmmm, we’ve only been in the 80’s for a few days, but probably a week in the ’70’s. Maybe I’ll look again :)

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