Gandering at Geese

May 2nd, 2008

Sometimes I think I should call this blog The Pond Watcher based on how often I find myself looking wistfully at the water.   Mostly I simply enjoy watching all the critters that live in, on or around it.  Many animals just visit briefly, which keeps it interesting.  But lately we’ve had a family of Canada Geese visiting with their youngsters. 

So I guess I’m gandering at the gander, the goose and the goslings :)  There are a few ponds in the area, and the geese actually walk for hundreds of yards through the fields to different ponds with the goslings in tow.  They have also nested here in the past, but I discourage that due to all the, well… you know what.  We live right here at the pond, and with too much of the ah, you know what laying around, it becomes quite messy.   But the geese have prevailed this year, and I’ll enjoy watching them swim around the pond.

Of course the little goslings are very cute to watch, but the harsh realities of nature takes its toll as there were seven little guys following the parents around last week, and now there are only four left.  We have a lot of hawks, coyotes, foxes, fish and turtles around…  But maybe these four will make it to adulthood?  There is no shortage of Canada Geese in the midwest, but it’s neat to watch them grow and learn to fly.

Family of Canada Geese in May

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  1. There is a very excellent naturalists book called Watchers at the Pond. I think it is out of print, but I’ve read it at least twice. Recommended.

  2. Thanks Pablo- I haven’t read that one, but will look it up!

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