Sunny Redbud and Sunset

May 4th, 2008

So much to do but thankfully the weather has been very nice lately.  It feels like we could use a little more rain already, but the soil moisture was apparently just right as the local farmers began planting corn and soybeans this weekend.  Several spring flowers are already fading as we transition to warmer weather.   I love the days when you start out the morning in a jacket, and end up working in a t-shirt. 

The redbud trees have been beautiful this year, especially with a few weeks of cooler weather.  But the vibrant pink color of the flowers has begun giving way to new leaves.  So one last redbud picture for the season, and a friendly bee with pollen.  We hope to have lots of bees this year for the garden.

Eastern Redbud tree and honey bee

Everything is turning so green, and the grass and weeds are growing almost too fast to keep with. Well I can keep up with the grass, but the weeds usually get the best of me.  After a long day, you just have to take a deep breath and enjoy the last of the day for what it is.

Sunset in early May


2 Responses to “Sunny Redbud and Sunset”

  1. I snapped a quick picture of our redbud in the wind and rain on Saturday. I doubt it will turn out but if it does, I will post it. For me, they are the sure sign of spring finally here. That and morels.

  2. I’m glad your redbuds made it. Thanks for the morel article by the way- that was really interesting. Never did find any, but next year for sure!

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