Leaves of Green

May 8th, 2008

Watching spring unfold is engaging in a subtle yet exciting way. Each day there are new plants, colors and scents that we forgot about from the year before, or stare in wonder at how fast they are growing. I was amazed to see how fast the oak tree leaves grew last week, and really appreciate the bright green colors. A couple of weeks ago there was so much sky and sun reaching the ground, and now we have shade everywhere.

New Red Oak tree leaves in spring

Here’s another plant with new grown leaves. The leaves are are pretty and the plant will soon have little white berries. But it’s not my favorite by a long shot. Can you guess what this is?

Poison Ivy leaves in spring

It’s still raining out after two days, but my little boulders of rocks everywhere seem to be working well. Instead of flowing muddy water, the runoff from the rain cascades gently over the rocks almost like a stream, pooling at the bottom and draining steadily out.

Gambion rocks used to design pond drainage

It’s not finished yet, but is slowly taking shape.  I’ll be so glad not to worry about the heavy rain as much as before.  The pond has quite a bit of accumulated mud and silt, and maybe I can shovel some of that out this summer.  But the fish and other critters seem to like it just fine the way it is…

3 Responses to “Leaves of Green”

  1. Still not much shade up here but the oak leaves are just beginning. Perhaps next week, they will look like yours.

    I’m not particularly fond of poison ivy either.

  2. :) It always gets me a little, but not too bad. It seems like we have more than in the past, but I work hard to keep it manageable.

  3. “berries white, poisonous sight” I seem to be immune, but I’m also cautious. Libby took shots for it years ago (I don’t think they’re available anymore), but she doesn’t seem to get it any longer.

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