Wet and Windy

May 10th, 2008

We have been in a rainy, cool weather cycle for weeks now, and it looks to continue this month.  Some very heavy thunderstorms as well, and many are watchful for tornado warnings.  It must be like this over the entire region, but weather always feels like a local thing when you’re standing outside getting wet.  Remember the old days when you didn’t really know what kind of weather to expect a few days ahead?  Now we have so many technological marvels that we have a good idea of what to expect over a week or more.  So now we’re over 8 inches ahead on rainfall for the year, which is just about the opposite of last year.

The garden and new shrubs and trees are coming along very well, but it’s really too wet at this point.  I’m thankful to have spread so much rock and gravel everhwere to slow the runoff.  And this week a new project begins with a couple packages of buzzing little critters.  If all goes well, we may have our very own pollinators for the garden. 

But in the mean time I haven’t been able to cut much grass. It’s been too wet, so it just grows taller.  Well at least it saves on gas and diesel.  Can you believe fuel prices?  And the weeds are growing quickly too- 

Rember blowing dandelions in the wind?  We’ve got a lot of those right now!

Fun with Dandelions

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