Thunderstorms Pass By

May 11th, 2008

The wind is really blowing today, and our thoughts and prayers are with those who have sustained loss and damage during the storms since yesterday.  The electricity flickered on and off here as the wind blew and blew.  Sometime during the night we lost one of our oak trees by the pond.  I liked this tree because it leaned out a little over the water, providing some shade off a southern slope.  But the base of the tree had a small cavity and I always wondered how long it would last.  It was still growing nicely, but with the saturated soil the wind just plowed it over, along with a few smaller landscape trees I had planted.

I guess I’m thankful this one didn’t fall straight in the water, and I can cut most of it up for firewood now.  But it’s going to be here a while since my list of things to do is growing longer rather than shorter. Maybe we’ll plant a new small oak between the two cedars just above the waterline?

Oak tree blown over by wind 

One of our Dogwood trees has flowers tinged with pink this year.  They are really pretty, but it’s strange because they’ve just been a little different shade of white in the past.  Is this a different variety or the effect of different soil conditions?  I don’t know, but I like them this way.

Flowers of Missouri Dogwood tree

I also really like Iris flowers in spring.  They grow and bloom almost anywhere, and in a few years you have masses of them growing together.  It seems like once started, they’re actually hard to get rid of.  They grow in the gravel driveway, in ditches and even in the yard at times.  And the tuberous roots help stabilize the soil once they’re established.  But it’s a beautiful flower to carry the spirit of spring through the season.

Iris flowers in spring

2 Responses to “Thunderstorms Pass By”

  1. We didn’t have any damage but we got the same wind from the sounds of it. I have had a cracked window pane in our great room under a deep overhand and it has been that way now for four years. The wind blew rain through it and created a nice size puddle on the floor inside, a first for me. Now I’ve bumped getting that window fixed higher on my list.

  2. Wow, that must have been some wind. I ended up having to replant and stake 9 smaller fruit and crabapple trees, some of which were two years old. It was so wet they were standing in muddy holes, and totally blew over in the wind. None the worse for wear otherwise at this point.

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