Bugs and Roses

May 30th, 2008

This week has been a mix of work and play, especially with family visiting from out of town.  The young boy is excited almost all day long and knows he’s the center of attention this week.  It’s time for baseball to begin this weekend also, and he’s excited about playing again.  Of course in about a month he’ll be standing under the hot sun wondering how long the game will take.  That’s okay, it’s all part of the mix of summer fun.  And school is finally out for the year!  He’s finished first grade now, and I can hardly believe it.  Here’s a nice picture from a recent field trip… I have no idea what kind of butterfly this is, but it was amazing to see so many different species.

An unknown butterfly

I’ve seen a few of our own butterflies lately too.  Monarchs and Swallowtails mostly, but they dart around too fast for me to get a good picture most of the time.  Oh,we might have seen the first fireflies of the year last night!  I always enjoy it when the fireflies come out in June.  Like old friends returning for a visit.

Since I’m posting pictures of unknown insects, here’s another one that the boy found the other day.  He really liked it and was fascinated that when he went to touch it, it made a hissing sound.  I didn’t know beetles could make defensive sounds, so that was interesting.  We’re not sure what it was, but let it go to find some other bug to eat probably. 

Unknown beetle

The insects are really coming out now in the warmer weather.  And the bees are so active now!  The hive is just buzzing with a flurry of activity and the coming and going of the little guys.  “Make honey!” I tell them, and hope they store a bunch for next winter.

But it’s not all bugs around here, although you might think so when working outside, or in the garden (something is eating our green bean leaves, and we haven’t found out what it is yet!).   But there’s also a lot of nice flowers blooming too, and the roses look wonderful.  Isn’t this one beautiful?  Bugs and roses… sounds like a rock music band!

Apricot colored rose blooming in spring

4 Responses to “Bugs and Roses”

  1. My guess is the Ground Beetle. I’ve never heard one hiss before!

  2. Well it sure looks like it. Strange indeed, thanks!

  3. Hi Beau — the beetle is a bess beetle (also called bessbug, bessie-bug, or horned passalus beetle). They live in colonies in rotten logs. The adults produce the alarm sound by rubbing rough areas on the underside of the wing covers over similar areas on top of the body. These beetles are interesting because they actually ‘feed’ the larvae by chewing up wood for them and mixing it with their saliva.

    Regards — Ted

  4. Hi Beetles! Thanks very much for the identification… I’m always amazed by the knowledge of fellow bloggers! :)

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