After the Rain

June 1st, 2008

It was a bright and wet morning after heavy rain yesterday.  The dew was everwhere over the grass and shrubs, and the morning sun glowed off a spider web among the shadows of the flowers.  I don’t know much about spiders, but their handiwork is beautiful.

Spider web glowing with dew in the morning

The rain of the night before was some of the strongest we have had in spring.  It washed out the driveway where the gravel was not thick enough, and even washed log debris across the rural road as the creeks rose too fast to handle the water.   Some time on the tractor helped to repair the damage and the driveway is as good as, well, as a gravel driveway should be I guess.

Gravel driveway washed out by rain

But this morning the pond was quiet and you might never know how much rain we received the night before.  I really appreciate being outdoors as the sun rises, and watching the light slowly change among the landscape.  It’s so peaceful before the noise of the world around us begins to stir.  How do you explain it?  All I know is that it’s nearly like meditation, or a sense of time stopping for a while.  I find myself standing there sometimes, staring out among the trees.  Then I sort of remember where I am and feel silly, but smile and take a deep breath of appreciation for the sounds and smells of the morning, and embrace the coming day.

Early morning over the pond

4 Responses to “After the Rain”

  1. We got to our woods just after the rain had finished. I hadn’t even known it was coming.

  2. We received a real gully washer up her on Friday night.

    Very nice pictures.

  3. The world is small isn’t it? I guess we’re all in the same weather pattern, give or take a half a day. I don’t remember this much rain in spring before- I sure hope it’s not all used up for the summer!

  4. Back in ’93, we had lots of spring rain and were just starting into the fields about now. This year, we at least have the corn crop in and a start on beans.

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