Growing Daze

June 3rd, 2008

Everything is growing like crazy now as the spring season transitions to summer.  These are the growing days, although in some parts of the region the farmers are having a difficult time getting corn and other crops in the ground.  It has just been too wet and muddy.  But the rain has really supported an abundance of growth and the flowers are blooming everwhere. 

The bees are very busy coming and going and have a wide choice of flowers from which to obtain nectar and pollen.   It’s been so wet however that some of the garden plants are a bit waterlogged.  We planted a vibrant eggplant start that now looks yellow and soggy, but its still hanging on.  Yet the temperatures are increasing as well as the humidity, and the heat will eventually take over.  It’s so strange that we haven’t even needed to water anything yet this year. 

So the garden is coming along with the beans and peas climbing slowly up their supports.  We put the plants and seeds in the ground a little early this year and it seems to be working out. The corn is coming up nicely and the lettuce is really growing too. But the tomato plants have just been plodding along.  As soon as it gets really warm they will probably leap up!

The garden shines in the morning sun

We’re going to lay out some sprinklers and drip irrigation this week so it’s all ready for summer.  As much as I don’t like soggy ground everywhere, I know we’re going to miss the rainfall every few days. 

In the dry summers I usually drive around with a water barrel to give smaller trees and shrubs enough water to make it through the season.   But the pond is still full and with enough moisture and a little luck, we may even have a few of our own apples.  It’s amazing how fast they grow! 

Apple growing in spring

2 Responses to “Growing Daze”

  1. I put in my garden two weeks ago and it has looked so pathetic that I haven’t taken any pictures yet. It has too much shade to produce a bumper crop of anything but it gets enough sun to give us a taste. Unfortunately, we haven’t been to big on hot sunny days up here.

  2. That was us last year, and hopefully not this year! And that we don’t go straight to drought…. I have a relative that put a tomato plant on the side of the house (literally) that gets the most sun and it’s doing great. Gots to grow dem vegetables where ‘ya can! :)

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