Road Writings and Grassy Fields

June 10th, 2008

We’re exploring new environs and seeing family across the miles. It’s fun but free wifi is hard to find so far. When we left I had cut and trimmed the grass as much as possible so that it won’t be four feet high when we return. The mornings have been very beautiful this spring, especially after the rain. But so much rain this year! Everything just grows and grows… and the garden was doing beautifully. Maybe we’ll have some home-grown tomatoes, peas and beans when we return next week. We are fortunate to have a dear someone check on things while we’re traveling about.

This was a picture from a few days ago of the fields and grass in the morning. The taller grass will be cut for hay in a few days and the meadowlarks will wonder where their homes went. Probably the bunnies too, but they’ve finished most of their nesting for the year. Some folks try to cut hay twice during the season, and can do so when it’s wet like this year. But we prefer only one cutting of hay in late June. That allows the nesting animals to have a good season, and then for the prarie grasses to come in through fall and winter.

Grassy fields in June


And of course the taller grass is fun for those who love to run and play in them. The boy plays hide and seek with the dogs, and likes to get lost in the tall grass. He plays imaginary games and dreams of castles and secret places. They are in many ways, fields of dreams for all of us.

Tall grass as fields of dreams

2 Responses to “Road Writings and Grassy Fields”

  1. I don’t think I’m technically savvy enough to figure out wi-fi. I have a wireless router at home that my wife uses around the house but any time the router so much as blinks, it takes me days of phonecalls to get it working again. I can’t imagine trying to hook up to one while on the road!

  2. I used to feel that way too, but now it’s getting to the way tech should be… easy! Sitting in a cafe with open wifi… just “connect” and you’re off to the races. Most places, including St#@bucks, still want you to pay for it… no way. It’s fast becoming free and simple :)

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