Life, Strife and Something More

June 18th, 2008

As I read about the flooding across Iowa, northern Missouri and Illinois it’s difficult to reconcile the peace and comfort of one region to the struggle and suffering happening in another.

Of course it’s like that everyday all across the world. We know that places within Africa and Asia have such terrible poverty and strife yet they are far away, out of our reality most of the time. There’s flooding and earthquake recovery in China, volcanic eruptions in Chile, war and starvation in Somalia and Kenya and estimates of more than 100,000 dead or missing in Myanmar after a cyclone last month. And the middle east… so much more.  Through all of it, how many of us really think about what takes place across the globe?

But our busy lives are lived in the present, where we stand each day. And although we know intellectually of the challenges that exist for other people, it’s hard to understand or see these events as real at times. We shake our heads and say a prayer or two and return to our lives. Maybe that’s as it should be, and serves as a survival mechanism where as humans we work harder to appreciate and maximize our own lives and circumstance while trying to empathize with the misfortune of others.

At some level, don’t we understand that it could happen to us too? It’s hard to watch a natural disaster unfold. From a different view it’s also inspiring to see the courage, determination and faith that so many of these good people are displaying while they work to help protect and rebuild their homes and communities. It really is a small world and anything we can do to help is something. Something that may make a difference.

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