Ode to a Cat

June 26th, 2008

We found you in a pile of unwanted kittens,
And brought two of you to our home.

 Sparky the cat when young

You brought us love and joy,
And a bundle of cat energy that
Wanted as much to explore as
To be cuddled in a lap.

Sparky exploring

You were spirited and fun,
With a personality so full of life.
Sometimes you seemed more like a dog.

Basset Hound and Cat walking together

And you didn’t hunt very well,
But you jumped at birds in a half-hearted manner,
Flicking your tail,
As if to show that, Indeed! You were a Cat.

Sparky the cat

Yet to a boy you brought so much more;
A big fuzzy kitty that he could
Drape over his shoulders,
To carry and hug and play with.

Child and Sparky the cat

And you didn’t mind.
He loved you most of all. 

Farewell Sparky

Farewell Sparky.

5 Responses to “Ode to a Cat”

  1. Farewell!

  2. Irina

    such a sweet poem, brings tears to my eyes… Must had been a wonderful cat, Sparky…

  3. Irina- Thanks for your visit and kind words. He was indeed a sweet, loving cat. :)

  4. Brittany

    Love your post, especially the picture of Sparky walking with the dog. What an interesting relationship they must have had, and Im sure it was very fun to witness. He was a beautiful cat

  5. Brittany- The Basset’s name was Justin. He passed away at age 12 in 2010. He enjoyed all the other animals and seemed to treat the cats as his friends. It was neat… thanks for visiting and your comments :)

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