Colorful Evening

July 3rd, 2008

There were heavy rainstorms all through yesterday evening and last night, but the sun came out towards day’s end yesterday highlighting a beautiful double rainbow over grassy hay fields.  We raced out to get a few pictures, and enjoyed the evening.  The camera focus didn’t quite work out, so I modified the photo with a watercolor look.  But it really did look like this; the natural lighting was spectacular, and the rainbow one of the brightest I have seen.

Rainbow over the hay fields

4 Responses to “Colorful Evening”

  1. It’s funny how good photography takes time and yet we are always racing to get a photo of something beautiful like that. It’s no wonder some of the greats like Ansel Adams were known for spending days and weeks to get just one shot.

  2. Yes, and our reliance on technology these days… my nikon’s batteries were dead so I grabbed my wife’s smaller digital. It was set to a macro mode, but I didn’t notice. :)

  3. fairyellen

    I love the picture of the rainbow…and the blurred second rainbow. You’ll often see a double rainbow like that if you look for it.
    I believe the lettuce is either Speckles or Freckles, heirloom, I believe.

  4. Thanks! Something special about the double rainbow… I’ve only seen a few before.

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